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Our Mission

Help directly to families with Kids that became victims of war or lost parents in Ukraine. 
We help without any bureaucracy or fraud.


Update 4

A Plymouth woman turns helplessness into action for families in Ukraine

Update 3

Hello, A few new updates: - This fundraiser is now linked to a non profit "Extending Hands to Kids." I started a non profit organization...

Update 2

Hello all, Update on the current situation in my home town and distribution of the fund: - Current situation: my hometown, the city of...

Update 1

Update: First of all, I am overwhelmed and humbled with your support, generosity and trust. In about 24 hours, we were able to raise...


“I can’t talk. We must take shelter immediately!” You can hear air-raid sirens, a phone click, and a long silence of uncertainty... an...


The current go fund me campaign to provide help to families with kids who became victims of war



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