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Update 2

Hello all, Update on the current situation in my home town and distribution of the fund: -

Current situation: my hometown, the city of Mykolaiv is continued to be under the attack. Every day seems to be worse than the previous. A lot of homes and apartments destroyed. Many casualties. People are scared. Non-stop air raids and sirens. My family is still well, spending most of the day (and sometimes night) in a shelter. Yesterday, they lost electricity, but it was restored fairly quickly. Hoping and praying it will end soon.

- Update on Stas (the boy who lost his mother and sister): We sent a transfer to his father. A few days ago, they had funerals for Stas' mother and sister. It looks like Stas doesn't know yet that his mother and sister are gone. Stas continues to do better, but he has a long way to recovery. I will continue to post updates on his recovery as I get them. I know you are all cheering for him as well.

- Other families: we are going to assist a couple of other families to buy tarps, etc. for temporary protection for blown out windows, doors, roofs.

- The boy, whose mother was killed by the debris. Unfortunately, this case isn't simple and we are in the process of identifying the guardian for the child. Once I hear more, I will post an update.

There are many more families who need assistance. I will continue updating you on who we are able to help. Thank you so much for your support, prayers and donations. We are just slightly short from our $15K goal, so please continue sharing and spreading the word. You are making a direct impact on someone in such tragic circumstances. People of Ukraine and I are forever grateful for your generosity and kindness.

Sincerely, Anya

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