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Update 1

Update: First of all, I am overwhelmed and humbled with your support, generosity and trust. In about 24 hours, we were able to raise almost $10K. I stretched the goal to $15K as we are identifying more families to help.

Second, I want to provide an update on our first donation. In the original post I mentioned a 12 years boy, Stas whose mother and sister Lisa (19) were killed... The boy was in coma. I was able to get in touch with his father directly. Here is what he said, "The boy came out of coma, but suffered a lot of injuries and lost a lot of blood. He asked for his mother and sister. I cant bring myself to tell him that they are gone." Honestly, it pains me to even write this. I cant imagine the pain the boy and the father are going through. The father is extremely grateful and humbled by your desire to help them during such tragic times for his family. A picture of Stas is below.

Please know, your contributions and prayers are making a tremendous impact right now. If you haven't yet, please share this with your network, as we are still raising funds. Some of you may not know this but generally, houses in Ukraine are not insured, so having a home destroyed puts you in a great financial distress, not to mention if, in addition, you lost a loved one.

Thank you, Anya

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