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Update 3


A few new updates:

- This fundraiser is now linked to a non profit "Extending Hands to Kids." I started a non profit organization to make it more formal, so if anyone needs a receipt feel free to ask.

- Kare 11 (local TV station) will air our fundraising story on Monday, March 21 at 6AM. There is also going to be a link to it later.

- Update on Stas

Stas keeps recovering, but he will need another surgery and an extensive rehabilitation. The city of Mykolaiv continues being in the news. As a result of constant attacks, electricity and heat are off and on in most places including the local hospital where Stas stayed. In addition to it, the child gets very scared when there is a shooting or explosion. So, after the funeral for his daughter and wife, Stas' father decided to take his son away. Stas and his father are now in Germany. We sent this family two transfers. I plan on checking back with them later to see how Stas is doing and see if there is anything else we can help with.

- Valentina Matveeva's House

This woman is a seamstress. She used to make my clothes when I lived in that neighborhood. She is the next door neighbor of Stas' family. Her house got hit as well and we made one transfer to her to temporarily patch it up to make it more livable.

- Oksana Ginda

Oksana has a family of 6, including 4 children (Dmitriy - 16, Angelina - 14, Karina - 11, and Artur - 3). All of them were in the house when the rocket hit. Her husband shielded the 3 years old Artur and the rocket hit the husband in the back. He cant walk right now, but he saved the little one's life. By miracle the rocket didn't blow up and they all are alive. But their house has burned down. They lost everything. As I already mentioned in the previous post, houses in Ukraine are generally not insured. Pictures of the family attached below. The video of the house is at the link below.

There are many ways to help, and this is just one of them. However, I haven't found a fundraiser that focuses on people like we are helping. People who have immediate funeral expenses, medical bills, temporary housing situation, etc. Your donations don't just give these families financial relief, you give them hope and faith.

Thank you for making this fundraiser happen. Thank you for helping these people. They are extremely grateful.


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